How to import Samsung Kies PC suite contact SPB file to iPhone?
Question by Shah Rishi /
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I want to backup my contacts from Samsung W139 dual SIM CDMA/GSM phone my to my new iPhone 3GS.

So I installed Samsung Kies PC suite and I got a backup file in SPB format. So how can I import this file on my iPhone with iTunes or other freeware software?

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Answers (5)
  • altaf

    hi i want to backup my iphone4 picher and contacts on my samsung galaxy s3 so what i have to do?

  • jrasulev

    To save your contact list from Kies into a csv file.
    1- export your contacts into a spb file (to save a proprietary spb file)
    2- open the library
    3- select contacts
    4- open the file you just saved
    5- eventually select the contacts you want to export
    6- click on save as button
    7- give the name you like and append .csv at the end of the filename example: contacts001.csv
    8- click on save button The spb file has been exported as csv Done !! method 2 if your phone is synchronised with kies : 1- sync your phone with kies 2- open the contact list from your phone 3- csv file format is directly available: select it

    This way you import CSV file to iPhone

  • ha14

    1. open Kies
    2. open your last saved *.spb file
    3. save the file again as *. vcf or .csv manually in the file name area
    4. go to were normally saved spb files ( C:\Users\ _\Documents\samsung\Kies\PIMS)
    5. you will find all the contacts saved as vcf or .csv file.
    6. select all contacts and copy them in a directory (contacts)

    How to Import Contacts to Your iPhone From a CSV

  • April Eum

    venkatp16 is right, it's not supported by iOS, the best way to do is import all your contacts via google contacts then transfer to your iOS device.

  • venkatp16

    i think this format is not supported by iOS.

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