Why can’t I import photos and videos from my iPhone to my PC?
Question by Hannah Patz /
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I have the iPhone 4S, and I recently took some videos while on a family vacation that I’d like to upload to my computer. Whn I plug my phone into the computer, it shows up under My Computer and such, but when I click on my iPhone’s internal Memory, the only folder listed is DCIM, and it’s completely empty.

I know it should show my photos -so why doesn’t it? Also, I tried e-mailing the video, but I got a message saying it was too long.

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Answers (17)
  • Lilian Rotcher

    Use Phone Stick for transferring your media files across PC and iPhone, iPod. Good thing: it woks in both directions.

  • Dennis Sebenick

    Just use Syncios iPhone transfer, it can access your iPhone and transfer all the files from your iPhone to PC or iTunes. http://www.syncios.com/iphone-transfer.html

    • Dennis

      Dennis Sebenick: Thanks for turning me on to Syncios. It's fantastic and free! And now my nightmare is over.........

  • Sri Swaminathan Vanarasi

    DISK AID is the perfect software that i think you can use.. it very useful , not only tranfers pics but also has many other options.. but they come with purshased version

  • Shane La Horie

    Download itunes and you will be able to download the photos from your phone to the PC.

  • Victoria Doman

    Well, first things first you can only upload things from an apple device onto a Mac or iPad. So if your computer isn't a Mac, you are gonna have a little trouble getting those videos on your computer. And yes i know how that message comes up saying you cant e-mail your video because it is too long. You can cut the video to make it shorter but its not really much use, since the limit is three mins. Although my mum bought this thing in melbourne where you can plug in your phone to your computer or your camera to your iPad. i hope you find a way to do it. Family memories are always keepers!

    • Cliff Burnby

      "Well, first things first you can only upload things from an apple device onto a Mac or iPad." Absolute rubbish... check your facts before posting misinformation !

  • ha14

    iPhone photos not showing in Windows
    Windows will show the phone as empty if the iPhone's screen is locked. All you have to do - make sure the screen isn't locked with a PIN before you connect it to the computer

    if you have photos that are not taken by iphone such send by friends as attachment or downloaded via web then this can cause problems, solution you have to delete them or to upload to dropbox for instance.

  • Mike

    First make sure your iPhone is NOT locked and it is showing the home screen when you plug it in.
    If the iPhone is locked it will not show the contents of the DCIM folder as a third-party could have connected it without your consent.

    If that doesn't help:
    What application are you using to shoot photos?
    Are they shown within the Photos application?

  • susendeep dutta

    You can try transferring all your photos via CopyTrans Photo -


    Regarding unable to mail video,the reason might be the file size limit that the email provider imposes.You can send that video using Dropbox or other cloud storage like box.

  • Andri Agassi

    You have to use iTunes to transfer files between PC and iPhone.

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