Can I import a PDF calendar into Google Calendar or iCal?
Question by Julie R /

I have a downloaded copy of a calendar for a summer club my family belongs to, and would love to import it without having to copy it all over again.
Don’t know what the original program is, guess I could ask!

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Answers (7)
  • Yani

    If the pdf is editable, that means you can mark and copy text from there, you can copy/paste everything in excel, then choose “save as”, from menu file , and from the “save as” drop-down menu, choose SCV file. Try to import that file in your calendar application, and good lack :)

    I might be to late for the initial question, but people may still try to do that.

    • Yani

      oops I messed the extensions csv and vsc. Are not the same. Excuse me, and please ignore my last comment, it wont work.


    Calendars are somewhat universal formats, so it should be easy to import the events if the person would send you the original file

  • Anonymous

    Adding to Saikat comment above, I would like to point out that if the manual labor of converting it into CSV is too much, you might prefer to just re-type it. :)

    Or, if you have a scanner and OCR software (the one that could turn scanned document into text) you could try the software to convert the PDF into text. Some of those software are capable of doing that. Yours might be one of them, who knows?

  • Saikat Basu

    I don’t know if this process will work or not, but you can give it a shot. First convert the PDF file (if it is that) to CSV. You can follow the steps laid down here. Then you can import the CSV file into Google calendar. I guess some manual work will be involved.

  • Steve Campbell


    If your calendar is simply a PDF, there is no data to read from it, only images, so getting the information off of there is near impossible. If it exists digitally in some other form you might have a shot at getting it into Google.

  • Taty

    If the calendar really is on a pdf format, that would be difficult to import. See if they can provide you with a tab or comma delimited version, or an excel format one.