Why are no images or pictures displayed on my Facebook page?
Question by Rickesh John /

Lately I’ve noticed that the pictures on my Facebook page are not being displayed: Instead, an error sign shows up in the place of the image. This started happening two days back.

I cleared the cache of my browser; but it didn’t work. Please advice.

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Answers (16)
  • per palmquist

    Check your router.. its a dns gateway prob. Try update router firmw. or change to another..

  • Steven Trembath

    I had his problem and found that AdBlock was blocking images. Disable it in Facebook by clicking the icon top right.

  • sebathu sb

    Why cant i see images on my facebook

  • George

    It’s a problem with Adblock Plus (Beta) (may be with other ad blocking extensions). Just disable it and it should work. Google ‘Adblock’ and download that, it seems not to be at all buggy.

  • Ambjorn

    I had the same problem, I guess. Turn of secure browsing, and the pictures will return.

  • phae

    i have the same problem too. help :(

  • ferdinan Sitohang

    if you already cleared the cache, there are steps you need to do:
    – Please check whether you have an internet problem? or your internet connection become slow?
    – Please try using another browser option such as chrome, firefox, opera. Do you still get the same problem? If “yes”, may be something wrong with your internet connection. If “No” then there some problem with your browser.
    – Check the resource that your browser from task manager. Is it consume much resource, if yes, may be it has some plug-ins that consume your internet connection such as updating, etc. It can make your internet speed slower.


  • Alan Wade

    Is it just on Facebook? If yes check your Facebook settings. If no then check your browser settings and/or try another browser (for testing purposes).

  • Oluwaphemmy Popoola

    reinstall your browser afresh or try logging with another browser

  • Asif Mistry

    Is it just on your page or every page. If the errors not on google image then somethings with how images are viewed on facebook.
    If the error is only on your page or certain page check the privacy settings since some images aren’t visible to everyone.
    If you can’t see pictures on any other site too then check you browser settings for images.
    If error persist then try out diffrent browser.

    • richard

      I try with google chorm and another Bowers but it doesn’t work

    • richard

      but when my friend log in his account in my broswers, he can see everything as normal. But why my account like this???

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