How can I make an image of my complete operating system including all folders and files?
Question by Lkyguy /

I would like to make a complete image of my Windows XP operating system and all the folders. So if this thing crashes, I will be able to completely reinstall it as before. So, can I do this with my 16 GB flash drive? What program is best to download to do this?

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Answers (2)
  • Tilda Consey

    uh, backup software with full backup feature can do this. full backup software are always free, like todo backup i’ve ever used before… yu can have a try

  • Tina


    you should be find writing the image to your flash drive, that’s if 16GB are sufficient. It should be enough for the operating system and a couple of programs. Just make sure you don’t have any large files that you want to backup.

    As for which software to use, check out this article: 5 Ways To Clone & Copy Your Hard Drive
    Some of these tools are installed on a CD/DVD or external drive and need to be booted from that drive. This requires that you allow booting from these media.

    Also have a look at the answers to this question: How can I backup my Windows Vista Basic system if the recovery functionality is missing?

    Let us know in case you need further assistance!