Why do icons change back to default upon opening them when folders are pinned to Windows 7 taskbar?

roger May 11, 2010
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This is quite a trivial question, it has no effect on anything of any importance, but I would like an answer if possible.

Yesterday I came across a method to pin any folder to the Windows 7 taskbar:
On your desktop make a new shortcut “c:\windows\explorer.exe path-to-folder” and simply move to the taskbar.

So I pinned “program files” and “downloads” to my taskbar and, for no particular reason, changed their icons: shift+right-click on the icon – select “properties” – select “change icon” – browse and select new icon – restart explorer.exe

Alright, that’s the setup, and now the question.
When I click on the “program files” icon “program files” opens and the taskbar icon changes to a standard folder icon (this does not happen if I open “program files” via explorer), then goes back to my choice icon when I close the folder. Okay, that’s fair enough, however when I click on “downloads” the folder opens, the icon stays the same BUT the “program files” icon changes to the standard downloads-folder icon (buff folder with blue arrow superimposed). On closing the folder the icon goes back to my choice. Why?

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