Why is my HTML code not publishing correctly in my browser?

Carol Curtis July 13, 2011
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This is the page I am experiencing difficulty with where the HTML code is sitting half way down the page and also off the page.

Normally, when I add HTML code, I can place it in the position where it should go but this is not happening and this is the results I am getting. Now when I want to add more HTML codes on to other pages, it is doing the same to other pages.

The software is from Serif WebPlus. They have informed me it could be the cache, which I have cleared, but also I have added some other HTML code from Google, which is not part of the Google ads, but secondary ads which can be placed on a page in addition to the normal Google ads. Would these additional HTML codes be giving me this problems, although they are still HTML code from Google?

Thank you!

Webplus have indicated to me that they do not support third party HTML code and on the previous pages to the one in question I have some HTML code from Google, which is not the same as the HTML image or text codes ads. But what they refer to as a Google friend, where you can place these ads on the page in addition to the normal Google ads.

Could these secondary Google ads be causing the problem?

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