How can I get HP QuickWeb to work?
Question by Ben /
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So I did a clean install of Windows 7 Pro on my HP DV7 4070us to get rid of the bloatware that came with the system. It did have Quick Web installed however, after I did the install it won’t come back up.

I backed up the folder, but it didn’t contain any installation files. So, I downloaded sp47192.exe and it did create a partition but it never starts. Inside the OS I only get the Quick Web help files, but nothing else, no GUI, no interface into Quick Web.

I know that it won’t start Quic Web inside of Windows, but I used to be able to enable/disable QuickWeb from within Windows 7. I enabled QuickWeb in my BIOS as well. Nada. Any ideas?

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Answers (69)
  • Azasad

    Well, before I was having trouble turning it even on! So what was your way of turning it on? There was a way where you can download it and select from programs.. But when your computer if fully off.. Press the Web key, Most is the f5 key. 

  • Azasad


    if you have either a HP or Compaq computer, while the computer is off, press the internet key, for me its f5 it has like a picture of a world so press the button and it will work

  • Kautilyasave

    plz @tina could u suggest me how to install quick web on hp dv6 3053tx touchscreen version ..i just did clean install & lost quick web setup & plz help me with download link & any instructions to follow..!!

    • Tina

      I'm afraid I have no experience with this device. All my knowledge about Quick Web is inside this thread, either posted by myself or others. All I could do is repeat that to you, but you could just read it yourself.

      If none of this helps you to enable it, feel free to ask a new question. Mention what you tried and that or better yet why it didn't work. You will receive responses within hours.

  • Jhonnylaw11

    i have a hp pavilion g series and i had quick web  but when i shut it down and went on it back in a hour the quick web was gone and i cant go back on it anymore and i was really enjoying it aswell

  • Robert Cook5730

    I bought a HP Mini 210-2015LA notebook that came with Quick Web already installed.  But the quick web start page is always displayed.  Isn't there a way to have the quick web menu framing the screen and a screensaver displayed with the desktop showing at the same time?

  • avavs

    Enable IOS in BIOSConfirm that IOS is enabled in the BIOS by completing the following steps.Power on the notebook and repeatedly pres F10 to enter the BIOS setup utility.Use the right and left arrow keys to navigate to the System Configuration menu.Use the up and down arrow keys to navigate to Boot Options , and then press the enter key.Navigate to Instant-On and select Enabled .If desired, update the value for Delay to Boot Windows .The HP IOS program is now enabled within the notebook BIOS utility.
    Enable QuickWeb in IOSConfirm that the IOS is configured to automatically launch within the Windows environment by completing the following steps.In the Windows environment, click Start , All Programs , IOS , IOS Configuration Tool .Select Enable IOS .If you choose to select Enable OS countdown timer , set the timer to at least 10 seconds to allow enough time to use QuickWeb before Windows automatically loads.Back to top
    Reinstall missing IOS or QuickWebIf the IOS was previously configured and QuickWeb worked properly but has now stopped working, the program can be reinstalled using the HP Recovery Manager. Reinstall the program using the Recovery Manager, by completing the following steps.Click Start , All Programs , Recovery Manager , Recovery Manager .Select Software Program Reinstallation , and then select Next .Select HP IOS, and then select Next.

  • Darko Svizec

    1.Make a FAT32 partition (5GB min), primary 2.Install QuickWeb in this partition 3.Restart 4.Done

  • A.Gamal

    hey Guys
    I had the same problem but I think I found something
    I'm installing Quickweb on HP_TOOLS partition so:
    1- if your partition is NTFS then you've to format it as FAT32
    2- if your partition is Logical convert it to Primary
    Those steps can be done by "EASEUS Partition Master" it's a free software

    Befor doing that I had the ugly error of "501"
    but now I could reach the logo of "HP Quickweb"

    it keeps showing the logo for long time and I get no respond
    but I think it's something belonging to my laptop

    if you may try, you could reach a better result and maybe it'll work perfect for you


    • Tina

      Thanks for sharing your solution!
      Looking forward to feedback from people who try it.

    • sukhi kemet

      Hi Tina,
      There are 2 thinsg going on here. One is the QuickWeb software, and the other a later version called Instant Web. These 2 versions are the reason why there is so much confusion.

      The QW does not allow you to install on anything other than a separate, primary, FAT32 partition called HP_TOOLS. It does not have a configuration tool either.

      The IW is more flexible. It allows installation on any drive you want, (including C) any format. It has a configuration tool (in start menu shortcuts and in Control Panel).

      However, BOTH have one issue : They need to be installed BEFORE reinstalling windows. This seems to be because they dont have a way of adding an entry into the Boot Loader of Windows 7. Without this entry, it will not come into play even if its nicely installed, regardless of what you do to the BIOS, SysEdit, AutoExec or anything else.

      (I tried adding it in manually using EasyBCD, but it doesnt work either. So dont bother trying.)

      Hope this clears the air somewhat, and stands as a record of what works and does not. Cheers.

  • Ezquerro

    I have this same :( any idea??

    • Tina


      I'm afraid I'm at my wit's end when it comes to HP QuickWeb. Did you try any of the solutions suggested above?

  • Goleqasedak

    Hi, I have a hp probook 4520s and I downloaded quickweb from
    I instaled it and it didn't ask me to choose a drive, it creat new partition and named it HP_TOOLS.
    after finishing instalation I restarted my pc and nothing! windows boot as before.
    I tried to find options in BIOS but there was nothing about quickweb!
    what am I missing? what should I do?

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