How can I get HP QuickWeb to work?

14 Jul 2010
14 Jul 2010 | |

So I did a clean install of Windows 7 Pro on my HP DV7 4070us to get rid of the bloatware that came with the system. It did have Quick Web installed however, after I did the install it won’t come back up.

I backed up the folder, but it didn’t contain any installation files. So, I downloaded sp47192.exe and it did create a partition but it never starts. Inside the OS I only get the Quick Web help files, but nothing else, no GUI, no interface into Quick Web.

I know that it won’t start Quic Web inside of Windows, but I used to be able to enable/disable QuickWeb from within Windows 7. I enabled QuickWeb in my BIOS as well. Nada. Any ideas?

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