Can you help me get my HP Pavilion laptop’s webcam working?
Question by Priti Bartwal /

My HP Pavilion G6-1017TU notebook PC’s built-in webcam is not working! I don’t know what happened to it, the driver and software seem to be correctly working but nothing happens when I click on it…

Please can someone help me?

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Answers (15)
  • Edmond Mullins

    i have a hp g62 laptop and the software for my webcam always says that it cannot detect the webcam. Please can any assist this problem of mine
    thank you
    edmond january

    • Priti Bartwal

      thanks although it didn’t work but thanks for answering . :)

    • krs

      i downloaded and installed the “cyberlink youcam” from above link….but the device manager is not showing any kind of imaging device. Plz help…

    • krs

      I downloaded the driver from above link and installed “cyberlink youcam” in my hp pavilion g6 – 1017tu laptop. but the device manager is still not showing any kind of imaging device!!!….any idea how to fix it??

  • hamad3914

    Try re-installing the drivers

  • josemon maliakal

    ya …the driver missing will be the problem

  • Ahmed Khalil

    it should be flahsed for a momint when open your PC if it is ok as hardware.
    check this point first

  • susendeep dutta

    Do you try to open a software that came with your laptop for handling that webcam and it’s not opening? You may try to reinstall it,if you are sure that any of the drivers are updated and is working fine.

    If you use multitude of software that try to access your webcam,then you might had setup one software as default to access it.

  • Freecycle Me

    have you checked the cam in the device manager? Have you tried to check it on something like Skype setup to see if that can encourage it to fire? What softward are you using with it?

  • Dimal Chandrasiri

    if you think your drivers and software are working perfectly, then there might be a fault with your directX or DotNet Frameworks.
    try these two steps.

    Update DirectX ( link guessed that you are using windows 7 )

    check whether you have all the software components installed such as .Net Frameworks.

    if all the above doesn’t work, get a utility which uninstalls software ( try revo uninstaller ) and uninstall both driver and the software. reboot the PC and try to install the software again. carefully go through the installation steps, because you might have skipped a thing or two.

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