Rajaa Chowdhury

How to unlock or flash a Chinese Spreadtrum Phone with Android 4.0.3?

27 May 2013
Chrome 27
27 May 2013 | Windows | Chrome 27

My friend has bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 replica, read: fake. I want to unlock it and if that is not possible, then only to flash it.

Model number: S930
Android version: 4.0.3
Baseband version: DM_BASE_12A_W12.39|sc6820_modem|12-28-2012 19:51:42
Kernel version: rgk-bu2-04@rgk-bu2-04-desktop #3
Software version: T300_JYYS930_C3BOM_MLB_SIM2_V6.7.5_20121105
Hardware version: 1.1.0
CPU: Spreadtrum
IMEI : 353817054073382

He wants to use it in India, but unfortunately, none of the Indian SIM is being recognised as the phone is locked.

Kindly help in unlocking it. If only it cannot be unlocked, then suggest how it can be flashed.

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