How to delete an old Facebook account if I fogot the username and password?

Lily Tayamora-Esperanza January 18, 2013
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My girlfriend and I want to delete her old account. It makes me feel sad every time I see it. The picture of my girlfriend and her ex boyfriend is there. I want to delete it permanently.

She’s really my girlfriend. And my wife to be. I don’t know how to delete an old account. Please help me. Please. I am not fluent in English. It’s hard for me to explain the issue. I just want to delete that account.

My girlfriend has an old Facebook account together with her ex boyfriend. We really don’t kow how to delete an account. She forgot the password and username. I am begging you to help us delete this account please.

[The text of this question was changed to become publishable. The author originally included the link to the account and asked for us to delete the account. We cannot do that, so I removed the links and the respective requests.]

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