How to configure a WiFi router to work with a local ISP (specially for Indians)?

Kyem Ghosh June 16, 2013
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I live a bit far away from Kolkata, India and have got BSNL and SITi digital cable broadband in reach to my house.

I would like to subscribe for the SITI digital one as the speed in my area is moderately good (my brother’s shop has got one). But I want the broadband connection to work with a WiFi router so that I can use my iPad as well as my computer to access internet.

Many say that the SITI digital broadband would not work with any WiFi router. So I ask is it possible to connect the ADSL to WIFI router to have wireless internet? If it is not then I won’t take it as I’m happy with my Aircel 3G and 2G and the Nokia with Joikuspot.

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