How to clear cache of apps in iOS?
Question by Liu Han /
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I have noticed that various apps on iOS (iPhone), like FB, Twitter, etc, have a cache and it keeps increasing over time.

I have tried everything & searched everywhere for a way to clear those caches, but to no avail. Only option I’ve been able to find is by uninstalling & reinstalling the app. Any other way to clear the app cache, HELP?

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Answers (10)
  • Scott Kupferman

    Try this directly on your iPhone
    Go to Settings|General|Usage|Storage

    You will see the consumption of storage by application. Click on the apps you want to clear and you can delete associated documents and files without deleting the app. To do this, you must click on the an app and then Edit in the upper right hand corner. You will then have the option to delete files, where possible.

  • ion popa

    This topic comes too late for me. I've deleted Facebook and Twitter apps; now I'm using browsers (Safari/Opera) to acces those services.

  • Aska Nag

    Try the free program PhoneClean.
    Best regards!

  • Mike Case

    Go to "Settings" and select "Safari". Scroll down a little, and you'll see the options for "Clear History" and "Clear Cookies and Data".

  • Liu Han

    iFunBox works, thanks!

  • prashanth singh rathore

    use FunBOX by this u can clear cache of apps...!! :)

  • Alan Wade

    Here is a link explaining how to clear the Browser cache on your iPhone.

    • Liu Han

      I know about the browser cache, I wanted to know about other apps like FB, Twitter, etc. Thanks anyway for responding.

  • ha14

    i heard that i-FunBox can do what you want
    1- plug your iOS device
    2- select facebook
    3- Go on "Library" folder
    4- Delete the "Cache" folder

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