How to add mouse-over effect in header logo in WordPress blog?
Question by Ankur Kansagara /

I am using WordPress with hosting and I want to add mouse-over effect in header logo. Please suggest any plugin or anything with changes in CSS.

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Answers (5)
  • Muo TechGuy

    Learn jquery, you can throw that together in a few minutes. No plugin will exist to do that though, as its just too random. A better might be – why? Does it add anything to the user experience to have a mouse effect on the logo?

    You could also do it fairly easily with the css :hover pseudo selector, if it was a simple case of switching out another background src for the image.

  • Âdil Farôôq

    You might need a javascript or CSS expert for that purpose i think no such plugin is available for this purpose.

  • Achraf Almouloudi

    You may need a developer to do that. I don’t really think there would be a plugin for that.

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