How many websites get launched on a daily basis?
Question by Arjun Singh /

How many websites on an average get launched on a daily basis? I am trying to figure out my chances of getting good traffic to my own site.

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Answers (15)
  • wilosn

    around 70000 per month…

  • Jose Paolo Gonzales Otico

    I don’t know how you would find out real numbers because there are so many domain providers, and startups.

    • Arjun Singh

      Yeah by now I have gathered that answer as everyone says so. Hey Jose, would find a minute to visit my new website , comment and share your feedback/suggestions. It would be quite valuable.

  • Mac Witty

    I do not think the number of new sites is the clue if you get good traffic or not to your site. The competition is more with already existing sites

    • Arjun Singh

      I don’t debate that Mac… no two ways about it. But thank you for replying. Anyway, could I request you to visit the new concept I am working on and give your brutal feedback. Suggestions are welcome too!

    • Muo TechGuy

      I’ve seen sites that do the exact same thing many times before – x VS y – with user voting. Do something original; and not something that requires massive amounts of user voting to be of any use.

      On the plus side, the design is nice clean. Though it doesn’t do an awful lot right now, obviously.

      To answer your question though; number of sites has zwero to do with your success and expected traffic. Google adwords estimator will help you to judge number of people searching for term X per month, but your traffic from that will then depend on where you rank in the SERPs.

    • Arjun Singh

      Thanks Muo. I agree… many compare X vs Y. What we have is just an engagement for the time being, while the rest of the development is in progress.

      Once again your feedback is valued. Do keep spare some time in future to see the new additions. Have a good day!

  • pp potana

    It is not possible to say that and as far as i know there is no site or something which gives that information.

  • Amit Sinha

    This is very tough to say. There are the cases that some domains are put for the sale before expiration date for various reason

    • Arjun Singh

      Thanks. Since a domain purchase is quite a fresh experience for me, could you please elaborate that what are the possible situations where a domain is put for sale before expiration. Just so that I can be careful and do not have to face such a situation.

  • Ashwin Ramesh

    I really is tough to say how many new sites crop up every day. Number of new domains are always registered and expired. Many new hosting accounts are created and cancelled too. You could however check out: . This gives you statistics over the past 24 hours.

    • Arjun Singh

      Thanks Ashwin, if nothing else it at least gave a close clue on how it happens. Along with few of my friends, we have been working on a concept. Would be great if you could take a few moments and visit, post your comment and share your user experience/suggestions:

      Also any other advice on how to promote this new website would be most welcome.

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