How is Windows Defender in Windows 8 different from an antivirus?
Question by Dhaval Kaneriya /
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I have Windows 8 and it provides me with Windows Defender for a firewall. Do I also need to use antivirus? How is it different from a firewall?

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Answers (12)
  • DalSan

    The major difference is less control. Second difference is quality of protection and scans. Windows Firewall offers very basic protection, and Windows Defender offers mediocre protection. If you are a basic user then it should be ok. If you download a lot, use YouTube and other social media sites a lot, then you might want to look for better options. No matter what level of protection you have, nothing protects against user error.

  • Vivek Kumar Yadav

    its not a powerful tool but you can manage to pull some time off of it…you’ll however need antivirus like bitdefender if you want maximum protection..

  • luis donis

    only an antivirus is the same Microsoft Security Essentials


    Windows defender is antivirus only....


    Hello, windows defender in windows 8 includes microsoft security essentials and defender.

    Originally defender was meant for spyware. Security essentials came later on and included antivirus + the anti spyware from defender. That meant if you installed security essentials in your computer, the windows defender program would be turned off and included into security essentials.

    For windows 8, it remains with defender incorporating security essentials and defender. It does not include a firewall per say. It would be my advice to install a firewall + defender if you so choose. Keep in mind that if you are behind a router that has a firewall and it is configure right, a software firewall it is not that necessary but for peace of mind, I would install one anyway.. To read more about defender, try the following:

    To read antivirus test results and options for antivirus in windows 8, try the following:

  • Junil Maharjan

    The best thing about windows defender is it does not slow down your pc as much as other antiviruses.

  • Junil Maharjan

    The new Windows Defender is an amalgamation of the old windows defender and microsoft security essentials. It is a great tool and keeps malwares, viruses, worms away from your pc.

  • Jose Paolo Gonzales Otico

    I believe that Windows 8 now comes prepackaged with Microsoft Security Essentials embedded in it's OS, or Windows Defender. I can't quite remember, but I do know it's auto-enabled in Windows 8.

  • Anonymous

    Its all subjective no 'protection' is ever going to be 100% effective. The best protection anyone has is sat at the keyboard. Do yourselves a favour & educate yourself.

  • Ramish Kidd

    its not a powerful tool but you can manage to pull some time off of'll however need antivirus like bitdefender if you want maximum protection..

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