How I stop my iPad Mini from dropping WiFi connection after updating my iPad to iOS 7?

Kyem G September 23, 2013
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After updating to iOS 7 in my iPad Mini, I found two problems:

  1. It couldn’t join a known network automatically, even if the “auto join” option is turned on.
  2. The WiFi connection would drop when the iPad is kept locked for some time, maybe half an hour or even in 5 minutes after the auto lock.

As per the Apple care suggestions, I restored the iPad and the 1st problem was resolved but the second problem remains. I have tried with network reset too.

Yesterday I was downloading Dead Space which would take near about 45 minutes with my home WiFi to download, and I kept the iPad idle after almost 20 minutes, I unlocked it to check back and the WiFi got dropped and the download was interrupted. At last I had to disable the auto-lock and download the game, while keeping it unlocked. So, is this a hardware problem or a bug in the operating system?

Here’s some further information: While in iOS 6.1.3, sometimes there were interrupts in downloads in spite of having a relatively good internet speed. Please help me. My iPad is still under warranty till Feb 2014.

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