How do you split-screen and toggle between home screens on a Samsung Galaxy S2?
Question by Zan Lucas Hardesty /

I have some questions about my Samsung Galaxy S2

1) how do you split screen so 2 are side by side?

2) how to toggle between looking at one home screen and all seven?

3) where is “Help” located on device?

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Answers (4)
  • susendeep dutta

    Split screen feature is currently available for big sized phones like Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II.Samsung hasn’t mentioned anything for Galaxy S II.

    The above link has video illustrating Split screen feature.

  • Shahbaz Amin

    I have a S2 phone
    I don’t there is an option to “split” screen there as I have been using the device for more than two years and have never heard or read about it.
    Same applies to other two questions; where did you get the idea a smaartphone will have a ‘help’ function available across all apps? Are you trying to find F1 for S2?! Good luck!! :P

  • Jim Chambers

    Read your manual! If you don’t have or lost it, download it off Samsung website.

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