How do you categorize your apps for storage on disk?

Lisa Santika Onggrid November 12, 2012
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I like downloading and trying applications, but lately my collection has grown a bit too much that I have trouble managing it. Currently my setup is: App/Mobile and App/PC/

PC has three subdirectories with more subdirectories:

PC/Live&Boot CDs/file.ext
PC/Installer/[Name of App]/file.ext
PC/Portable Apps/[Name of App]/file.ext

When I need to find particular programs I don’t usually use (thus no shortcuts), sometimes they’re buried too deep or that particular folder is housing too much subdirectories. I used to categorize each app (graphic, internet, etc) but problem arised when an app is in multiple categories. I’m thinking to reorganize them, so how do you categorize or organize your applications?

Please refrain from recommending collection program. I’d rather not add more app to my routine. While I could always use Launchy, I want neat folder to explore easily.

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