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How do I update Flash on my HP TouchPad and what are the alternatives?

20 Nov 2012
Safari an unknown version
20 Nov 2012 | Linux | Safari an unknown version

I’m a novice, but an educated and hands-on technical type. I love my HP TouchPad, and it is still in its original state (no Preware, or anything). Call me what you will, but I have enjoyed my tablet untill lately. I now need a Flash update.

Do I try to navigate this via Open WebOS, if that is even possible? Can I go to another operating system and still have all the features I enjoy, i.e. Skype, etc… Or should I just limp along until the Surface Pro is released?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Seems a shame to let it go. Hear That HP!

Randy in the Redwoods

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