How do I stop my PC from crashing when I stream fullscreen videos in Chrome?

November 4, 2013
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I built my desktop a couple years ago, and its rarely had any problems.

It’s an Intel quad core  2.66GHz CPU, with 1 terabyte of storage, 4 GB of RAM (DDR3) and the G41 chipset.

I was running Windows XP until last week. I had for various reasons not used my computer for about 6 months. At first no problems. The computer updates and all that. Then when streaming (I just got a new service provider for Cable 10 Mbps) the computer shuts off unexpectedly.

No shutting down, no warning, no blue or red screens of deaths. Just OFF! But it turns on and reboots fine. As this problem persisted, I noticed it only crashed after being in fullscreen. I researched online and found folks complaining about this being because Google has now added accelerating technology to its flash component which apparently was why my computer was crashing.

So I updated Flash, then updated AVG. Then I went to defragment the hard disk and received a warning about chkdsk.f/ missing. I didn’t know what that meant. I decided to restart the computer. Windows XP failed to reboot from this point on.

So That’s where the new hard drive came from. Installed Windows 7 because my hardware was 64-bit compatible. After all was said and done, I tried streaming fullscreen on Chrome again, and POOF! OFF again! Everything is up to date. I don’t need a separate graphics card for low-Q def streaming do I?

Never seen anything like this. As I said, it’s my desktop, not a laptop. It’s not overheating like I’ve seen laptops overheat. But Streaming in Firefox is fine. I am typically a Google user. I use Android and Chrome and Gmail, but now I have to switch everything to Firefox. Do I have to change all my habits or hardware for Google? Not likely.

Does anybody have an idea of what to do with this? Or will I simply have to give up on Chrome. Will this eventually start happening in other browsers? HELP!

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