How do I reset my Lenovo Thinkpad T430 to factory settings?

Rebecca Z July 6, 2013
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I wanted to try the Windows 8.1 Preview so I created a VHD and installed it on there. When I installed the preview, I used a clean install. When I powered the computer on the next day, there were no boot options to switch between my Windows 8 OS and the preview. Somehow the VHD got deleted and I was left with only the preview.

I do not have the installation disc or a system repair disc. I only created a recovery disc. So all my Lenovo settings are gone. I cannot even refresh or reset the laptop. It tells me to insert the installation disc or recovery disc, but that is not possible, I do have recovery partitions, but I do not know how to get to the partitions.

Can anyone tell me how I may be able to do a factory reset? Thanks!

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