How do I receive email from a third party account at

Paul Pruitt April 25, 2013
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I want to try using and compare it to Gmail.

I told the app to pull my email from my 3rd party account. However it only pulled email that was in the account that was somehow not being forwarded to Gmail, these included returned emails and such that have been accumulating in the 3rd party account for several months, which for some reason my 3rd party provider was not forwarding to Gmail, even though I have set my email to be forwarded to it.

Perhaps the answer is email has to stay in the 3rd party box for several minutes before Microsoft can poll it and pull a copy and email my 3rd party provider deems non-spam; it is instead immediately forwarding.

Anyways, has given me a separate mailbox for the 3rd party Email. The account name I use for logging onto is that 3rd party address.

My question is, what is my address? It can’t be my 3rd party or, can it?

How do I get email that gets put in the inbox of and not in the separate 3rd part account name? I might have an old Hotmail account name I can try to dig up and try a test message with that.

I hope I’m not embarrassing myself here in my ignorance…

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