How do I install the network drivers for Snow Leopard?

Cougar Onondogawah May 23, 2012
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I have just installed Snow Leopard thanks to this site having a way when one does not have a Mac available so a big THANK YOU! (Albeit 29 hours later).

My question is how do I install the Network Drivers for Snow Leopard so I will have Internet. I have used Kext Utility And Kext Helper and still no go no show.

I do not know anything about programming and codes and maybe termed as an Experienced User when it comes to Windows.
As I am using another drive to boot my Hackintosh I would need the answer in a way, that I could copy the text over to notepad, and place it on my USB drive, and work that way to do what is needed. Have noticed the terminal window in Snow Leopard had Minor experience with these when lightly delving into Linux.

I can not look now but I may assume that I have Snow Leopard 10.6 as it did ask to install 10.6.1/10.6.2 updates when installing the OS.

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