How do I get rid of Delta toolbar?
Question by DonnaLMaciver /
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I downloaded some freeware recommended by MakeUseOf and it came with Delta Toolbar, which hijacked my browser. I HOPE I’ve uninstalled it, but I’m not sure.

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Answers (14)
  • Etech Etech

    Use CCLeaner or Revo Uninstaller or IOBIT uninstaller (I use that one) to uninstall it.

  • Aman Ujjwal

    Please find detailed instructions for removing Delta Search here:

    • Tina Sieber


      I edited your comment and removed all the text you had copied and pasted from the above source.

      Thank you for finding a solution online. In the future, please do not copy & paste text as an answer without properly referencing it. Preferably, just summarize the solution in your own words and link to the source.

      Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Open up the Start Menu in Windows 7 type in Programs & Features, when it loads up scroll through the list till you find Delta toolbar and double click it. It may run you through an uninstall process but it will do the job.

  • Garris Rago

    Windows 7: Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a program > Delta Toolbar > Uninstall

    Vista / XP: Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > Delta Toolbar > Remove

    Bobs your uncle

  • Jim Chambers

    Use Ccleaner Tools tab and uninstall it. Then erase temp files and clean registry with it.

  • Anish Parameshwaran

    You can double check by going to control panel and then Add/Remove Programs and look for Delta Toolbar in the list. Worst case scenario, you can go nuclear and uninstall the browser completely along with its saved settings on the computer (if anything chrome saves your browser settings as long as you're signed into Gmail) and then reinstall the browser.

  • prashanth singh rathore

    just go to control pannel and search for delta toolbar and uninstall it That's it ......!! and from next time ownwards Be carefull while installing S/w's now a days almost Every S/w freewares are comming with such kind of toolbar's.......!!

  • ha14

    try Adwcleaner

    scan pc with superantispyware, clamwin portable

  • susendeep dutta

    See control panel for delta toolbar and uninstall it.Also,you can uninstall it by going to addons menu to uninstall it.

    If you still unable to uninstall it,then you can use Revo Uninstaller which does work without harming your PC.

  • Alan Wade

    Step by step instructions can be found here:

    No matter where you get a link for free software, always read what is going to be installed as you go through the install path and uncheck any nasty toolbar bundles.
    It will be less painful in the long run.

    • Justin Pot

      This should work, I think. And I cannot recommend enough that people pay attention while installing stuff and always say no to toolbars. They are never, ever helpful.

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