How do I get my pictures off my Samsung phone to my computer?
Question by Nicol O /

I want to download my pictures off of my phone onto my PC. I have so many I need to get them out of my phone so I dont lose them. How can I do this if at all for FREE???

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Answers (6)
  • ??????? G

    Get the Kies software package on your PC, then sync the PC with your device and transfer graphic or media files using USB or bluetooth connection

  • Adrian O

    You could use Airdroid to take them wirelessly using just a browser on your PC.

  • Susendeep D

    If your Samsung phone is of Android,use Kies software to transfer data from your phone to PC and it’s free too.

    If your phone is not of a smartphone type,then you can simply connect your phone to PC via USB cable and then the PC might detect your phone,install necessary drivers and then you can see it listed under My Computer from which you can access the photos of you phone and transfer it to you PC.

  • Alan W

    Your phone should have come with a USB cable and an istallation disc for the software?? If it hasnt then look up your phones model number on the Samsung site and download the relevant software.

  • Dalsan M

    If you have trouble with connecting your phone to the computer (not recognised by the computer), install Kies: You can use Kies to transfer the pictures or browse the contents of your phone through Windows Explorer.

  • Justin Pot

    If you install the Dropbox app you can set it to grab all of your photos, automatically. Then all you need to do is install the client app on your computer and everything will show up on its own.

    Otherwise, plug your Samgsung into your PC and find the “Photos” folder. Everything should be in there.

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