How do I get iAtkos off my hackintosh Sony Vaio and revert to Windows?
Question by Justin Smith /
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I have Windows 7 as an .ISO on DVD, but I can’t seem to install it through Lion as I am prompted with an inability to mount. This includes creating a partition and trying to drag the Windows .ISO over to the new partition.

I certainly can’t find a way to boot directly from the disk containing the Windows .ISO, so how can I get iAtkos off this machine so I can replace it with Windows?

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Answers (5)
  • Sean A

    1. I suggest first making sure the iso is extracted properly on the disc and not just placed there. You can use this which comes installed with OSX

    2. After you have written the iso to the disc you need to go into the BIOS and make sure that the optical drive is set to boot first. On bootup press F8 and look for something like "Boot order" after navigating to that you need to set the optical drive to boot before the hard drive. (If you can't get past this step you may want a friends help). After you have changed this insert your Windows 7 disk and close the BIOS. The computer will hopefully reboot and you can install Windows 7 on top of iAKTOS. If it works you are done! If not read below

    3. If you are not able to see the hard drive when running the install of Windows 7 then you are going to have to find a linux distro and follow the same process for installing it onto a disk. When you boot into the disk with all BIOS settings the same, you should do a live session if possible and follow the instructions here

    After this you should turn off the computer and turn it back on with the Windows 7 disk inserted and try the install process again.

  • Jan Fritsch

    Basically you are facing two problems:

    1. Since you are running OSx86 your hard disk is formated as either HFS+ or FAT32. Windows 7 however can't read/write to HFS+ nor can be installed on a FAT32 volumes.

    Therefor you will have to format your hard disk prior to installing Windows 7.

    2. From your description I assume you burned the ISO file to a DVD instead of burning the ISO's contents to a DVD. Therefor you cannot boot from the DVD and start the Windows installation.

    You will have to copy the ISO to your Desktop, then burn the ISO to a DVD.

    Once that is done you can start your computer and boot from the DVD in order to format the hard disk and install Windows 7

  • ha14

    how about linux cd, to boot and format Sony, then to boot on windows cd?

  • Boni Oloff

    I think you can do install the Windows again over the iAtkos one. Try to formatting the drive first when you are going to install the new Windows 7.

  • susendeep dutta

    Copy the ISO file to desktop.
    It seems to me as though you had simply copied the Windows ISO file to DVD and haven't burned it.So,one thing you must do is to burn the ISO file to a DVD using the steps mentioned in the link below -

    If you follow it,it will mount the ISO file easily.

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