How do I get back my Windows XP Administrator account?
Question by Alice /
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I made a password to my user account on Windows XP and made some folders private. When I turned off my computer and turned it on, the Administrator account was gone and my profile was now an Administrator.

Can I get Administrator back? And is it possible to get back those files that were in there?

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Answers (6)
  • Tony Batty

    you will need to Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete twice in the Welcome screen and you will see the standard logon window and you will see log on as Administrator from here. you can switch among accounts just click the Log Off button on the Start menu.

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  • kaushmc

    press in short time “Alt+Ctrl+Del” twise.on the logon screen.


    Hello, I would try entering safemode by pressing F8 at startup. The administrator account should show there. If it does not, let us know.

    If you can access the administrator account through safemode, you should be able to get the files back.

  • Yogesh Verma

    the question is not clear
    try this
    press ctrl+del two times
    on the login screen
    a dialog box will open
    in username type administrator
    and you pass in pass field
    try if u get access there

  • venkatp16

    your question is not clear.. both are administrator users before & after system restart? normally profiles can’t be deleted.

    you can go to C:\documents and settings\ and search for your files.

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