How do I get a genuine copy of Windows 7?
Question by Eunice Aboanor /
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My laptop keeps giving me a message that my Windows 7 is not genuine, can I get a genuine copy online or do I have to use a disc?

More to the point – can I still buy a copy of Windows 7?


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Answers (28)
  • Anonymous

    You can buy one on any store that sells Microsoft products, or buy a licence from the Microsoft web page.

    On the other hand, as previously mentioned, you can download a small app called windows loader from any torrent site (allways check comments and scan for viruses) and activate windows from there. This is of course not legal, but it's up to you if you want to pay, or go for free....

  • John

    Its very simple! Forget all those other answers, your best bet is to download a windows loader and run the software. After running the loader, choose the system name and info on it and then hit "Install". That's all for now, your OS will be "Genuine" forever! You're Welcome!

  • Arish Dhawan

    you can download windows 7 will work out for you

  • Swaggrous Emeks

    You can always get genuine copies of windows 7 from torrent

  • fritz Richard

    Genuine Windows 7 versions are still available in the market. You really should get a genuine one bro.

  • Rama moorthy

    if you can afford Better backup all files , full format HD and setup Genuine win8.. else go for win XP , the original version with key is available in internet. if you cant find tell me I ll give you ..!

  • Anish Parameshwaran

    If you know someone that attends a university, students are often given free copies of licensed software, including Windows OSes.

  • Zack263

    Windows 8 is far better then Windows 7 under the hood and well worth the purchase price!

  • Julia Samson

    A very inexpensive way to get a valid license is to advertise on Craigslist or other site. many users who buy new machines don't want the newer operating system. Another way is to purchase a student copy at a local college.

    To tell if you have a valid license, you can email Microsoft, or try updating it. Some fakes are superb and will even have a superior-looking authenticity sticker on the envelope, but your best bet is to purchase from a reputable supplier who will give you a money-back guarantee. Some credit card companies offer as a no-charge part of their service product warranties that will protect you. If the copy is a fake, just call the credit card company if the store won't refund your money. No store wants to get involved with fraudulent merchandise criminal charges....

    BTW, the current announcement shows that Windows 7 should be supported through 2020, so 7 is a good choice.

    For older operating systems, look for friends who are buying new machines, or places where old machines are turned in for recycling or trash (public schools, Best Buy, curbside). You can pull the license number from one of several places. If the machine is operable, you can find it in Help, About on the start button. If the machine is not operable you may find the license number taped to the back of the machine near the serial number. In all cases you will find the license number on the issue media (CD or DVD) and on the wrapper.

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