How do I connect my Android phone to my PC using Es File Explorer?
Question by Ray Ashton /

I have installed Es File Explorer on my Android phone and done a server scan to connect to my PC. It has found my PC but when I try to open the server it is asking for a user name and password.

I’m not sure what it is looking for here? I have no password on my PC. I’ve tried the network password but it didn’t recognise it. Any ideas please?

Thanks, Ray

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Answers (5)
  • Vishal Srivastava

    If your PC doesn’t have a password, just leave the password option blank and try to continue…

  • saleh

    i have tried to download the samsung Glaxcy Y GT-S5360 soft ware to be conected to the PC several times but i failed

  • Dustin Thompson

    you must have a password set within windows to see your shared stuff. but you can also use the web server feature of ES to view your phone’s contents on your PC.

  • ha14

    Go to “Change Advanced Sharing Settings” in “Network and Sharing Center”. If you disable password-protected sharing, only folders you share with “Everyone” will be accessible without a password.

    Log in as Anonymous if you disabled password-protected sharing earlier

    ES File Explorer App: How to configure LAN?

  • Jim Chambers

    I suppose you’ve tried entering your user name and in password box. For security, you should have a password.

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