How can two people use the same YouTube account without using the Google login?

Bumferry April 15, 2013
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I share a YouTube account with my friend. We currently both log in using a YouTube username, but now am being told by YouTube that this will soon no longer be an option and to log in I will have to use my Gmail account as the login name. I trust my friend, but do not really want him / or anyone else to have access to my email account.

What options are available to me to either change the log in details for the YouTube account in order to keep my email and other Google products safe, but allow both of us full access to YouTube in order to upload/comment on YouTube?

Should we restart the account under a different name? Can we change the name to something else like a group account (if such a thing exists)?

I have tried to follow the help section on YouTube with little success; there doesn’t seem to be any straight forward answers and am hoping someone on here can help me out!

Thanks in advance as always.

PS: Yes, I have tried to “google it”

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