How can someone add videos to a website without using YouTube?
Question by Nouri Alnahawi /

My brother in-law is a Tai trainer, and he has a small website. He wants to upload or host his own videos on his website, but not using links to other sites or Youtube etc. I’m a first year computer science student, but I don’t really know much about these stuff, so can someone please tell me what the best method is ? And how much time would consume to work on it.


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Answers (9)
  • Nouri Alnahawi

    Thanks a lot you guys and happy holidays :)

  • shaurya gupta

    Learn how to install flowplayer on to your server.(There will be other links too on this page, so keep reading so that you know what you are and will be doing)
    Download Flowplayer:

  • Jan Fritsch

    You could use HTML5 and H264/Webm movies. Both can be played by most modern web browsers. Or you can use some flash video player and it's supported content type (mostly FLV).

    The reason you see most videos hosted on YouTube (or other services) is that not all hosts allow video hosting or are limited in monthly traffic which would be reached too fast by streaming videos yourself. If you have a 100MB video which is viewed 100 times you'd have "created" about 1100MB traffic.

    So the hosting plan is the first thing you should look into.

  • Alisa Fish

    You can also choose other video perform like viemo, google video and more.

  • Jesse Manalansan

    You could also use HTML 5 :)

  • Junil Maharjan

    It depends the content management system (CMS) of the website. every website has a panel where you and upload articles, pictures and videos. just convert the video to a suitable medium and upload through the CMS of the website into the desired page.

  • Fawad Mirzad

    You can upload videos to your sites very easily. you can either add using HTML tags which do not gives you enough option, Use html5
    which is not supported in old browsers.
    Or most efficiently you can use some ready to use flash players like.

    Or too many other available options available.

  • pp potana

    First of all it is best to add video to youtube. If you are scared of privacy stuff, you can change the privacy settings and make it accessible only to only people who visited your site. In case if you have any other reasons read this article to add video directly in your webspace

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