How can I verify Facebook without a mobile number or .edu address?

December 14, 2013
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I have an account on a few blogs that have just recently updated their commenting policy to require “linking” to a “verified” Facebook account before commenting on articles.

I never had a Facebook account before but registered one just for the purpose of commenting. However, I cannot “verify” it (whatever that means) without a mobile number. I do not have a cell phone and don’t know anyone who does or who would allow me to use it (plus, it’s not in my nature to ask people for silly favors like this).

I searched online for websites that will allow you to receive text messages online without your mobile number, as though being sent to an email address. I tried Pinger TextFree for Web and even got a “free” mobile number that would allow me to receive texts from people, but so far the Facebook verification text is not showing up there. I emailed tech support but in the meanwhile I am searching for answers among the savvy MUO community. :-)

What can I do? Short of buying a “burner” phone at Walmart or Staples and essentially wasting $40 for one stupid text from Facebook so that I can get back onto HuffPost, is there anything free online that lets you register a temporary or “dummy” phone number in the same way as you can register a throwaway email address? I have found several sites that allow you to send¬†texts, but have found none that allow you to receive them as well.

I have no intent of using Facebook otherwise except for jumping through hoops of dumb verification services like those on HuffPost, Slate and Salon. Please help.

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