How can I use the Burmese font on Facebook?
Question by Htet Aung /
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Hi everyone, How can I see & type Burmese font in my Facebook in the Google Chrome in Windows 8, please? It is working well in other web sites (I can read & type well without problem like “????????” in this website) but it does not work on Facebook only :(

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Answers (17)
  • MM

    thanks all of you.Now I am start using window 8.1 and then open facebook with chrome.
    I also faced that problem....but KC advice was very useful for me....thanks you so much =)

  • AUNG

    I need myanmarfont

  • Cho Mg Myint

    anyone help me to install myanmar font to my computer. how can i see myanmar font on my facebook and gmail.

  • Cho Mg Myint

    how can i see myanmar font on my facebook and gmail. please help me to install.

  • ??????? ??????

    Hey, friends. First, you need to install Zawgyi-One font for your problem. If you haven't had that font yet, download from this link . Then , install it and restart your windows. When the windows turns on again, open your Chrome Browser. In the browser , ?follow these steps. setting >> options . A new tab will open and there click on "Under the hood" and click on Customize font. Change all types of fonts to "Zawgyi-One" and "Unicode (UTF-16)" for "Encoding". Then click on Save changes or Apply/ Ok . Restart the browser. You will be Ok not only to read but also to write Burmese fonts on any social media through Chrome Browser.

  • Min Thu Rein

    i want to read burmese words in my computer and in my face book

  • Zinmin

    Ko Htet Aung, I have the same problem like you. Facebook myanmar font(zawgyi) is ok on firefox browser but not on Chrome in Windows 8 and also I can't change icon fonts to (zawgyi) like previous Windows. So far now, I've found out this fonts problem only and everything else is really great. I love window 8.

    • KC

      Ko Htet Aung, I have the same problem like you. Now it has resolved. Please follow the steps as below:

      1. go to C: Drive and Search "custom.css" file
      2. When above file come out, right click on it and select edit.
      3. paste the following code into that file:
      * , html, body, div,p {font-family:Zawgyi-One !important;}
      4. Save the file and try to use facebook.

    • KC

      Ko Htet Aung, I have the same problem like you. It is working for me now. I did the following steps:
      1. Go to C: Drive and search "custom.css" file.
      2. Right Click on the file (custom.css) and edit when the result come out.
      3. Paste the following code into that file
      * , html, body, div,p {font-family:Zawgyi-One !important;}
      4. Save the file and try face book.


    • Htet Aung

      Thanks a lot.
      It worked well.

  • sdho

    I know what you mean Htet. I'm having the same problem. The burmese font is properly installed and it is working on other burmese web pages except facebook on Windows 8. Everything is nice and dandy in on Windows 7.

    Win 8 + Burmese font + Chrome browser + Facebook = not rendering burmese font at all

    Win 8 + Burmese font + IE 10 browser + Facebook = rendering correctly

    I think it could be chrome compatibility in Win 8.

    • Aung Naing

      Hi SDHO,
      Win 8 + Burmese font + IE 10 + fb or gmail = NOT rendering correctly for me. Everywhere else, such as BBC, VOA, DVB, Irrawaddy, Blogs, etc are fine.

      Any advise is highly appreciated.

  • Dimal Chandrasiri

    you have to install the fonts and language packs for windows. then u'll be able to type an read them!

  • Naveen Kumar

    try to correctly install the fonts extension for chrome and restart the browser you will get it

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