Nouri Alnahawi

How can I use peer-to-peer filesharing (Torrent) privately?

10 Nov 2012
Firefox 15
10 Nov 2012 | Windows | Firefox 15

I don’t know what your take on illegal downloading of media is, but a year ago I was living in a country where almost none of the big companies had the slightest copyright over their products. And having the chance to download whatever I wanted, I just simply did.

Earlier this year I moved to Germany, and as I’ve been told, the censorship here is very strict and the copyright laws as well. However, I was wondering if I can still use Torrent to download some stuff. For the most part PC games. There are a lot of big hits coming out now, and I can’t afford buying 5-6 games for 40-50 euros each!

Is there some kinda way to hide my activity, IP address etc. so that no one knows what I’m downloading?

I know this is a morally gray topic, but I can’t see how this could harm anyone. And I sometimes like to think we are still fighting the MAN. ;)
Thanks in advance!

P.S: I’m a first year computer science student, so I would be able to understand complicated stuff.

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