How can I use Google Music if it’s not available in my country?
Question by Tom Vivet /

How can I use Google Play Music in a country where the service is not available? I don’t want to use my credit card information, is there another way?

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Answers (7)
  • ha14

    Google Play Terms of Service
    Geographic Restrictions. The Music Services and Music Products are currently available only in some countries. You agree that you will not present any false, inaccurate or misleading information in an effort to misrepresent yourself as a resident of a supported country, and you will not attempt to circumvent any restrictions on access to or availability of the Music Services or Music Products.

  • Jacques Knipe

    Unfortunately a service like Google Music will require a credit card and only in the certain number of countries then. I know that feeling. It's about time that Google and Microsoft extend their services to more countries than just USA and Europe.

    • Tom Vivet

      I live in Belgium, so we have Germany and France around us who can use "the store"
      I guess it wont take long untill the service will be available here.
      The google music service seemed very interesting to get the music collection i have on my computer on google since i use it's services very much.

  • Chris Hoffman

    You can use a US-based VPN like TunnelBear ( ). Access the Google Music website while connected through the VPN and you can activate Google Music for your Google account. You can then disconnect from the VPN and use Google Music normally to sync your music, no matter where you are in the world.

    (Note: This won't allow you to purchase music unless you have a US-based payment method, as far as you know. But the free features work great!)

    • Tom Vivet

      Hey Chris,
      Thank you for your reply.
      I've connected to to the google music website with tunnelbear. (
      It gives me an agreement for Terms of Service and privacy Policy wich i "Agree and next"

      Then i get a pop up screen that says:

      Availeble in limited regions

      Music on google play is currently available in limited regions. To verify your country of residence and set up your account, pleasy complete the free transaction below. You will need to add a credit card, but your card will not be charged.

      So... i guess there's no way getting around this right?

    • Chris Hoffman

      That's really weird. I did this a few months ago and it worked for me (in Canada). It's possible they added a more strict verification process, unfortunately...

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