How can I use AutoIT to detect drive insertion when video player in fullscreen?

Oskar M September 11, 2013
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I’m have a computer that loops a movie, more precisely it’s a TV with a built in computer. I don’t have any keyboard or mouse connected. I want to be able to replace the video file by just inserting a USB memory with the new file. I’ve almost gotten it to work, thanks to your article about Launching apps by USB sticks ( How To Auto-Launch Apps With A USB Stick [Windows] How To Auto-Launch Apps With A USB Stick [Windows] Imagine having a USB stick with all of your favorite apps on it. Maybe a collection of PC troubleshooting utilities, or maybe an assortment of spreadsheet and word processing tools. Wouldn't it be pretty sweet... Read More /). The problem is that it doesn’t seem to notice the new drive when my media player (CCCP) is in fullscreen. Nothing happens when I have inserted the USB stick until I exit fullscreen in the media player.
Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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