How can I upgrade my system from Windows 7 to Windows 8 without formatting?
Question by Ganesh Kaneria /
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I would like to upgrade my Windows 7 system to the latest version, but I don’t want to format and lose any data. Can you give me any tips for doing so?


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Answers (11)
  • Deimarr Callender

    Could just create a separate partition for your Windows 8 OS then copy over the files to it.

  • Parth Nagvadia

    just insert window 8 cd and boot frm it ........ it gives u upgrade option just click on it ..... it doesn't format u r hdd jut replace u r window 7 files........

  • ha14

    perhaps you will need to format when you go from windows 7 32bits to windows 8 64bits

  • Alan Wade

    Choosing Update when you install Windows 8 will do just that - update it.
    You wont lose any of your settings or files. you dont need to format your drive if you select Update otherwise it wouldnt be an update!

  • Ahmed Musani

    Formatting it first would be much safer than dual boot.
    for more information regarding this go to:

  • Kulwinder Rouri

    i Think you should format your system before upgrading to Windows 8. But if you don't want to Format then you can choose options while installing the Window.

  • Fawad Mirzad

    Download Microsoft upgrade assistant to ensure that your PC is capable of running windows 8 and to know which features of windows 8 will work on your PC. then purchase an upgrade version of windows 8 instead of full version.
    this will transfer your files, applications and settings to windows 8.
    Nothing will be deleted and even there won't be any option to format your PC.
    Here is Microsoft quote for transferring your files and setting:
    Windows 7: Apps, Windows settings, and personal files will be transferred.

    Windows Vista: Windows settings and personal files will be transferred

    Windows XP: Personal files will be transferred

    Windows 8 Release Preview: Personal files will be transferred.

    And for you as a windows 7 users every thing will be transferred to your windows 8 and nothing will be lost.

  • Junil Maharjan

    While installing you will be provided with two option either to fully install or just upgrade while keeping all the files and folders as well as setting. Choose to upgrade with the files, folders and settings intact. You will be safe. I have done this.

    • Douglas Mutay

      As for all his previous OS, Microsoft has always provided this option on the setup process. And especially from windows 7 to 8 every thing will be transferred and nothing will be lost.

  • Anonymous

    While installing Windows 8, you just have to uncheck 'fresh install' and u'r good to go. It doesn't format your disk if you uncheck the option for it.

  • Kamil Ko

    Hmmm...formatting would be safest.

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