How can I type an Umlaut in Windows 7?
Question by Klaus Sauerland /
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An Umlaut is a German accent added to vowels to change their sound. I would like to be able to include it in my correspondence with my German friends and relatives.

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Answers (8)
  • ZZTilt

    Press Shift and the quotation mark key, release Shift and type an a, o etcetera.

    Like this ö, ä

  • Oron Joffe

    Within MS Office, CTRL+SHIFT+: (COLON) followed by the letter you want the umlaut on.
    See the complete list of accents at
    For other software you unfortunately need to use the ALT+UNICODE_NUMBER method, a custom layout or a separate utility (there are several for the Firefox/Thunderbird family, have not checked for Chrome, but I imagine you can find those too).

  • Alan Wade

    Press the Alt key then on the keypad type one of the following codes depending on the letter you want.
    0223 = ß
    0228 = ä
    0246 = ö
    0252 = ü
    0214 = Ö
    0220 = Ü

  • Martin Ristovski

    Control Panel -> All Control Panel Items -> Region and Language -> Keyboards and Languages(the 3rd tab) -> Change Keyboards -> Add(on the General tab) -> Select German (Germany) -> OK. This is what your keyboard layout will be like after that:

  • dragonmouth

    Check out the TypeIt site:

    Allows you to type accent marks, diacritics and foreign letters on the fly.

  • Degenerated S

    you can install language packs that microsoft offers, also you can search through CHARACTER MAP

  • ha14

    perhaps through windows character map
    start, Select Programs- Accessories- System Tools- Character Map.
    or type charmap in the Search box

    Letters with Accents
    ä 0228, ë 0235, ï 0239, ö 0246, ü 0252, ÿ 0255

    typing German umlauts

  • Rob H

    hold down the ALT key then on the numeric pad enter 0168 that just gives the umlaut ¨. This does NOT work with the numbers on the top row of the PC, only the number pad. Also the leading zero IS required.

    There can be a problem with the local configuration - for example if the typeface in use doesn't support those character codes you may see some kind of placeholder instead. That may happen with the list below.

    This list gives all the vowels with an umlaut.

    Ä 0196, Ë 0203, Ï 0207, Ö 0214, Ü 0220, Ÿ 0159 ä 0228, ë 0235, ï 0239, ö 0246, ü 0252, ÿ 0255

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