How can I turn my Windows 7 64-bit desktop into a WiFi Hotspot to share Internet with my Android smartphone?
Question by Rajaa Chowdhury /

I want to convert my Windows 7 64-bit desktop into a WiFi hotspot so that my Android smartphone can also access the internet through my cable broadband connected to the desktop. Unfortunately, my desktop doesn’t have a WiFi adapter.

I want to spend maximum US$10 to US$12 on the project. This includes buying an USB WiFi adapter and also the routing software.

I am aware of Connectify Hotspot, but it is steeply priced. Therefore I am thinking of EDUP Nano Wireless N 11n Wi-Fi Nano USB Adapter Dongle WiFi and , which is a freeware.

I need your suggestion, that will it be a workable solution? Can you also suggest some alternatives within that budget?

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