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How can I turn Avast antivirus on in 64-bit Windows 7?

20 Jun 2012
Windows (64 bit)
Opera 12 (64 bit)
20 Jun 2012 | Windows (64 bit) | Opera 12 (64 bit)

I’m running 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate. I installed my usual antivirus, Avast on it. I’m facing the following two issues (in decreasing order of severity):

Though the processes AvastSVC*32.exe and AvastUI*32.exe keep running, the Windows security flag reports Avast is not running and says, “Turn on avast! antivirus (important)”. On opening the Action Center, it says, “avast! Antivirus reports that it is turned off.” 8 out of 10 times, pressing the “Turn it on” button or link has no effect. (I guess, Avast actually runs because it responds to program-installations etc., only Windows reports that it’s turned off.)

Avast claims it is 64-bit compatible and offers a unified 64- and 32-bit installer. It even gets installed in ‘Program Files” and not in “Program Files (x86)”. Why then the processes are 32-bit? I’ve read that on a 64-bit system, the antivrus and other important security system-software has to be 64-bit.

What can I do to fix these issues? Yesterday I ran Rkill and performed a quick system scan with Malwarebytes (found one issue). After that Avast remained functional for one day. But today again there is cross on the flag that won’t go away.

Shall I go for some other antivirus? What would be a good free 64 bit choice other than Avast or Microsoft Security Essentials?

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