How can I thoroughly wipe a HDD with bad sectors before throwing it out?
Question by Gog /

My HDD has quite a lot of bad sectors. I’d like to dump it. But before doing that, I want to wipe it thoroughly.

I tried some disk wipers, but they are just too slow and hang on the bad sectors. Is there some tool that can wipe HDD with bad sectors quickly and reliably?

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Answers (21)
  • Luca Vignando

    Try unstoppable copyer. Use it to fill the disk with fake data (maybe word files filled with lorem ipsum or excel files filled with random numbers). So you should overwrite data on “good” sectors. Bad are already unreadable.

    Or use a powerful magnet on the disk. Or an hammer.
    Or open the disk, scratch the platters, fold the arms that keep the heads in position and so on. Maybe a good bath in water with the cover removed could help :-)

  • Gog

    I got a tool called WBD(Wipe Bad Disk) that can deal with the bad sectors. I will try it. If that does not work, I’d like to buy a big hammer.

  • rlr

    Have it shredded

  • Jeff Taylor

    I use Darik’s Boot and Nuke (DBAN) &, for any drive that’s not SATA, I drill holes in the platter. When I throw them in the recycle bin, I never throw all of the platter from one drive in the same bin.

  • Anonymous

    Physical destruction of the magnetic media is the only sure way. I recommend several hard blows with a 3-lb mini sledge. Be sure to use goggles. Railroad tracks make a good anvil. Depending on your level of paranoia, a good roasting in a white-hot campfire works well to finish the job.

  • Bob Russell

    My preferred method is to drill about six or seven holes through it with my electric drill. This only works if you want to dump it.

  • Joey Tombazzi

    Use a good size magnet on the hard drive that will wipe data off it without working too much on trying to figure how to wipe it lol

  • Steve

    Dismantle the drive remove the disk platters and fold them in half and bash them with a big hammer

  • Anonymous

    I was really happy with WipeDrive when I sold my netbook a year or so ago. If you haven’t tried it out, check it out, It wasn’t super fast but didn’t take too long. I don’t remember exactly. But I would use it again if need be.

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