How can I stream live FM radio stations on my PC?
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Can I stream live FM radio stations on my PC and if so, where can I find the URL to do so? Is there anything else that might work? Thanks.

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Answers (21)
  • rupal

    how can i listen live radio on my computer. by using some software..
    plz suggest somthng.

  • David

    How about a chrome browser plugin:

    I have used it for a few months now, works well.

    From the Chrome Web Store:

    Easily listen any audio stream. Add your own feeds, or add radio stations among the thousands available.

  • Ken

    Another decent list can be found at :

    if you check international stations a few from India are listed. You can stream directly from the site.

  • Kannon Y

    Perhaps the easiest method of accessing lots of different radio stations would be through XBMC:

    After installing XBMC, you can access its vast repository of "Add-ins", which includes Icecast, Shoutcast (as Laga Mahesa pointed out) and many, many others. It's also extraordinarily easy to setup, run and maintain. Did I mention it has a Grooveshark plug-in?

  • Kyem Ghosh

    susendeep.....these are internet radio links and we can get it very easily from any where either with southcast or with nokia. But the real fun comes when you try to stream the local radio, like Subodh wants the link of Radio Mirchi....

  • Laga Mahesa

    Only the most popular radio stations are likely to provide an internet stream, and even then it's 50/50. The further away you are from major metropolitan areas, the less likely your local stations will dedicate the resources necessary to provide this service.

    If your aim is purely for music, there are hundreds, thousands of good quality stations for you to choose from. is a very good place to start your search, whether it's for local stations or otherwise.


  • ha14

    Streaming to External Player - Setting Up winamp?


    Hello, windows media player should be all you need to accomplish this. With it you can look for direct links to radio stations. Whether the ones you prefer can be obtained with it I could not tell you.

  • Kyem Ghosh

    now most of the media players starting from windows media player, vlc, real player and as said by Susendeep Dutta, Winamp too have inter radio... Well if you want your local stations then try googling for streaming links... If you want US, UK,... other western country stations, you can get the links very easily.... I'm just sharing another trick... if you have a nokia phone (s60v5 or above), download the Nokia internet radio (get it from ovi or get it from software update of your phone). You choose your channel... There are thousands of channels. You'll never end up listening. You can listen them to your phone and if you wanna stream them to your pc then choose the station you want to play from your nokia phone, play it, press option and go to station details. scroll down and you'll get the streaming address. type the address to the prowser of your pc and go... it will play.... enjoy...

  • Susendeep Dutta

    List of Internet stations -

    You can use Winamp to listen to internet radio -

    • Kyem Ghosh

      If he's an Indian and tying to fetch links of some local radio channels, especially those played in Kolkata, he shall never get it..... But still channels from some other cities can be found.. I found the streaming link of radio mirchi mumbai....

    • Susendeep Dutta

      In my above comment,I've given the list of internet stations which also have list of Indian one's too.

      Shoutcast also has Indian radio channels too -

    • subodh

      hey kyem
      Please provide radio mirchi link.

    • Kyem Ghosh

      which city? If Kolkata, then its not available....

    • Kyem Ghosh

      I've found out some best links irrespective of cities.... Chk this link

    • subodh

      tnx for radio mirchi link.

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