How can i send an executable .EXE file via email?
Question by vinod ghoderao /
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I want to send a “setup.exe” installer file to my friend but my email provider will not send the file. According to them, the file may contain a virus.

Is there any other way to send this file?

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Answers (16)
  • anthony

    you can send .exe files over skype(:

  • 4uvirus

    its very easy to send .exe file through facebook....
    1.convert it in rar file. ur gmail account.
    3.compose a new email.
    4.attach the rar file.
    5.send it on same ur gmail id. the email tht u got.
    7.look at the attached file where u have two option(view and Download)
    8.right click on Download option.
    9.there you got "copy link location" click on that.
    10.and send it to ur friends on as ur wish via msg or on timeline.

  • Abhijit Kalita

    use win rar to compress it. then there will be no problem in uploading it. However the recipient also need to have the same to un-compress it. Win rar is available from

  • Himanshu Singla

    I can suggest you the method which i have tried once and that worked for me..just change the extension of exe file by any xyz name (right click on the icon and select properties).It will show you a message the file may not work properly.Just click OK.
    Then attach directly or make a zip file and then send it.. after downloading change the extension to the will work.

  • Kelvin Zhang

    I would suggest you upload to or your own web host and pasting the link from there.

  • Matthew Unwin

    use a large file sending site like yousendit or largefilesasap
    you could also use a shared folder in dropbox

  • Susendeep Dutta

    You can also share the link from where you downloaded the file.

  • pceasies

    Email servers aren't designed to transport large attachments. Your best option is using a file sharing platform like SkyDrive, Minus, DropBox, WikiSend, or another of the many options and place a link to the file in the email instead.


    Hello, this behaviour is so by default. If the email in questions is web based, there is a strong possibility that it will always fail to send and .exe file. Now, if you were to send an email from a email desktop client it could be possible only if the .exe extension is not filter in your destop client and the person you send it to.

    There are several ways you can accomplish this but you will need to use extra software. Like mention before, dropbox would fulfill this easily. If you do not have or like using dropbox, you can use windows skydrive. It is free and easy to use. Just upload the file and then send the link to the person by email. Here is the link:

    There are also several sites online where you can upload the file and share it from there. If you use the free option, the files uploaded are there for a few days. You have the choice of deleting them after they have been downloaded or the service itself deletes them after certain amount of days. Here is one example:

  • Kyem Ghosh

    you cannot bypass the .exe from any of the popular email service providers like gmail, yahoo, rediff etc.. Even you cannot send it via facebook.... As said by ha14, you upload it somewhere to mediafire, 4shared etc and send the link.... The easiest and the best way

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