How can I run an advanced Google Alert based on phrases and lists of associated words?

Smith April 17, 2013
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I would like a way to run something like an advanced Google Alert through a service or with software, a bookmarklet, etc.

I say advanced because the keywords that I am interested in are separated far way from one another. They are in a list format, but the title of the list is one of the phrases that I am interested in. So, for example, the list will look like this:

Buy One Get One Free:


and so on. There will be multiple lists like this on one page, but only one will be titled Buy One Get One Free. There will also be other pages with the same heading, but on each page, the Buy One Get One Free is listed once. The length of the list varies. The only common thing to this list and all other lists is the anchor text: “Return to Top”

So, whenever an item is on that list that I am interested in, I would like to be notified. The keywords that I would be interested in for example would be “Buy One Get One Free” Sausage. If Sausage is in another list, I don’t want to know about it. How can this be done?

Looking forward to your responses.

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