How can I revert from a trial version of AVG Antivirus back to the free version?
Question by Judith Hand /

I had a free trial of AVG anti-virus and went along with an offer of a 30 day trial AVG Internet Security 2012. How do I get rid of the latter and get back the free trial without losing protection? I’m not well-versed in computer and can’t afford to screw up the transition. Feel free to spell it out for me. Thanks!

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Answers (5)
  • shawnette

    i want to uninstall avg trial version how can i do that?

  • Nick Bradley

    If you go into the control panel and try to uninstall it, it will then ask if you’d like to switch to basic.

    • Jude

      Thank you; that’s even better. Fortunately (or unfortunately) the computer I was on had a jack break, so I’m on a loaner that automatically came with the free version of AVG. I’ll keep this in mind for whichever I get in November sometime.

  • Judith Hand

    Thank you; that’s easier than I thought and a relief!

  • Bruce Epper

    If you do not enter a valid activation code, after the trial period it will automatically revert to the free version. You don’t need to do anything at all.