Sebastian Short

How can I restore Windows 7 to factory settings without re-install?

03 Mar 2013
Windows 7 64bit
Chrome 25
03 Mar 2013 | Windows 7 64bit | Chrome 25

I need to re-install¬†windows 7¬†64-bit on my mothers laptop which came pre-installed with it. I tried searching how to and found that it is possible with the serial code which is on the back, but this has worn off and is un-readable as is the laptops serial code which means I can’t contact HP support but I came here, as I’ve found it much more helpful. Basically, I’ll happily re-install it if anybody knows how I can do this (I don’t have the license key for windows 7 but it is currently installed on the laptop) or, I need to somehow restore it to as if it had just come out the box, no custom applications, completely clean (well it came with some HP dock and stuff but it’s fine if it has that or not) and I would be greatly appreciative to anybody that can assist me in finding a remedy to this situation.


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