How can I reset the security code and unlock my Nokia 1616?
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Need to unlock the cell phone Nokia 1616. Need to reset the security code password.

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Answers (15)
  • Justshan

    Nokia 16-16 master coad plz

  • J’Mak

    my nokia c3-00 with the following IMEI (351974055132444) security code is not working i have try the default code which is 12345 it does not work please help me with a new code to un lock it thanks

    Regards J'Mak

  • Rahul

    i have forgotten my Nokia 1650 security code, so will you please tell me what i should do get the code.


  • jaffar


    • susendeep dutta

      Kindly visit to your nearest Nokia care as any master code will not be able to recover your phone.

  • ikramali

    how unlock security code of 1616

    • susendeep dutta

      Visit Nokia care as Kyem has tested that you can't override security of your phone simply by getting master code.Just only it needs the firmware to be reflashed which only their engineers can do so.

  • ikramali

    how to un loack security code of 1616

  • Choma K.P

    I need a security code of nokia 1616,pleas

  • ivailo

    please help me to unlock my nokia 16 16 - 2 imei:359041047730982

    • Kyem Ghosh

      I've chked it... It doesn't work... Nokia doesn't work with any master code, nor do the others company phones do...

    • Kyem Ghosh

      there is no way out.... Specially for your 1616... Cz its a generic as well as a very old phone.. You take it to Nokia Care and see if they can help you out..

    • Alan Wade

      Kyem do you work for Nokia? This is the second post by you that pushes the Nokia Care. If the op enters his/hers IMEI code then they will get a generated master code.

    • Kyem Ghosh

      Alan, you were right that the site generates a master code on entering the imei, but have you tried it yourself to your nokia phone? There is no such master codes for any of the mobile. For nokia there are few codes like *#7780# *#7370# etc. But these need the security codes to access. Please practically check your answers before your post.
      Well I donot work for nokia but I'm using nokia since last 10 years. I have got nokia 2600, 1600, 2323c, n72 and c6 00 at my home and I regularly do some study on their softwares (I just try so that I can fix them if there is any problem). I'm pushing them to nokia care because it is the only place for fixing the issue where they can format the whole phone and reinstall the generic software. You won't get the generic nokia softwares in the open market. This is the only way to fix the issue. I'm here in makeuseof with my 1st objective to gain some knowledge and neither to earn points or enter give aways or to promote my business (I'm a student though)...

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