How can I repair the CMOS battery in my computer?
Question by Sanju Meena /
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In my PC one problem is very bad. When I switch on my computer, it does not update my time and date automatically. I think it is a problem of CMOS battery, but I don’t like to replace it with new one. I have to repair it. Can I do this at home or do I have to buy a new battery? Thank you for solving my problem.

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Answers (11)
  • maruthi

    good morning sir,
    what is the problem to my pc .i'm getting message from my pc"FATAL ERROR...SYSTEM MESSAGE ERROR" please kindly solve the problem

  • akkil

    When I plug my PC to the's power button light on for 2 seconds and off it and light on it again
    for 2 seconds and off before I switch on. when I switch on the PC it's BIOS screen says
    "The firmware has detected that a CMOS battery failure occured. press the enter to continue"
    after pressing enter it's says
    "The firmware has detected that a CMOS checksum error the enter to continue"
    after pressing enter again and it's says
    "The firmware has detected that the system date/ time has not been the enter to continue"
    after log on by pressing enter then my date is set as 01/01/2007 and time set as 12.00AM
    there for every time after log on I have to set the correct date and time.
    I changed BIOS as default setting and replace a new CMOS battery and update BIOS . also I reset BIOS jumper but nothing happend.
    then I changed my power supply unit and plugged it to the electricity but result is same.

    how can I solve this? please help me.

  • anurag joshi

    please tell me how can we change cmos battery.. and is there is any software to regenerate the battery power please tell me

  • GamE

    replace it by pushing it out with a thin material or some flat screw driver

  • ha14

    there are some soft that reset cmos battery, you can try it if you wish
    CMOS De-Animator
    the result depends on Bios

    by command prompt

  • Alan Wade

    The battery cannot be repaired and the cost of a replacement is hardly anything. Do as Bruce suggests and replace the battery.

    • Sanju Meena

      OK! Alan i Thing its Not Possible to Repair it... So I'm Going to Buy New Battery Thanks!

    • Danial Azri

      I also have the same problem like this.So i buy a new battery and i've replace the battery. But after i'd replace the battery,my pc wont be able to start.What should i do?

  • Bruce Epper

    Just replace the battery. It is a simple process that anyone can do. Unless it is an extremely old computer that has the battery soldered in (highly unlikely).

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