How can I regain read and write permissions on my Seagate FreeAgent hard drive?

Glen Miller November 28, 2012
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I’ve used my 1TB drive on my Mac with Lion, then connected the drive to my PC for some work. When I tried using the FreeAgent drive back to the MacBook I can only read the files; can’t delete files either.

I can read and write when I connect back to the PC, and I even found a way to get to the place to change read/write permission to everybody via the PC. No such luck with the Mac. Can’t find anyway to gain write permission even after changing is on the PC.
Anyone who has had the same problem find a real solution other than saving 880GB off to another drive and reformatting?

All answers to the request for a solution to a very common problem on Mac forum are out-of-date, and do not solve the problem.

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